A Letter to Theatre

Dear Theatre,

Long time no see, I am sorry for seeing you sooner but it has been quite a few years. Even before the pandemic I had not seen you, the truth is I have been too busy.

But I want that to change.

During the festive period, I was able to see panto (oh yes I was) and it was a joy. I was very little when I last saw a show like that, so it was nice to see a panto again and experience it all over again. Safe to say I will be back next Christmas to see panto.

After the new year, in January I was able to see SIX- I had waited to see that musical for 3 years and it was well worth the wait. I felt full of buzz and excitement again, I loved that thrill of seeing a show and feeling happy to be there. It is not a feeling that I have felt in a while.

It is because of that feeling, that this year I want to support your journey and see you more often than I had in previous years.

Let’s have a better relationship



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