Internationally acclaimed choreographer to bring brand new LGBTQ+ dance performance to Sunderland

A new dance performance from the award-winning choreographer Mathieu Geffre is heading to The Fire Station tonight for one of the first public performances of the work.

Entitled The Monocle, the new work takes audiences back to 1930s Paris. Specifically ‘Le Monocle’, one of the city’s most flamboyant lesbian cabaret clubs hidden in the streets of Montparnasse.

The dance piece gathers a cast of six outstanding queer performers who portray the club’s colourful clientele and performers. Steeped in secrecy, sensuality and hedonism, the dance piece captures both the euphoria and dangers of attending The Monocle.

At once contemporary and nostalgic, The Monocle transforms the traditional theatre-going experience into an ephemeral cabaret night, transporting the audience through an unforgettable evening of contemporary dance and music.

“Accessibility is vital to my work as a choreographer,” Geffre said. “I want the widest audience as possible to see, engage and connect with The Monocle. It will resemble a cabaret night more than a traditional dance performance so we want the audience to really get involved and participate in the show.

The Monocle is performed by Rendez-Vous Dance, a company that Geffre established after a fifteen-year career as a professional dancer to tell the past and present stories of LGBTQ+ communities.

Prior to launching his own company, Geffre collaborated with some of the most celebrated artists in the world including Itzik Galili, Christopher Bruce, Didy Veldman, Angelin Preljocaj and Johann Inger.

Tickets are available to buy from The Fire Station website:

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