Culture Trip: Gibraltar

During my time off, after Malaga– I also travelled to Gibrlatar. A destination for the hikers and explorers, it was certainly an adventure.

I started my day at Europa Point and what a starting point, it is beautiful, peaceful and serene. With the lighthouse, the sea and a view of the rest of the world. I was quite happy to spend my day there.

But my stay was short so I did not have time to relax and take in the picture, I then went to the Gorham Cave Complex. Where I learnt all about the rock and the caves that lie underneath, I learnt about the neolithic findings and all about the cave people who used to live and survive there before we came along. I also learned that the people used to communicate via carvings on the walls and during the excavations, they found what looks like a bird or the very first #. Being a blogger, I liked to think of it as being the #. The tour guide was fantastic and really insightful into the history of the rock.

I got a ticket for the viewpoint and for the museum so afterwards, I visited the museum that furthermore explained what the tour guide was talking about. Sadly I was not allowed to take photos in there but there were two reconstructions of cave people that had been made from ones that had been found in the caves of the rock.

Speaking of the rock, that was my next point of call, I took a cable car up the rock in the plan that I would walk further up and then all away down. The cable car was quite relaxing and again another lovely view point of this destination, to see it from another angle.

There are many attractions to see on the rock, I had my breath taken away by The Skywalk which was opened by the real Luke Skywalker.

The once military area has been transformed into this magnificent glass viewpoint where it looks like you are walking amongst the sky and over the clouds.

It was a tough climb and I was getting tired and angry but all was worth it once I arrived at St Michaels Cave. The stress and anger just melted away once I was in the cave, I became silent and in awe of what I was seeing. They call it the awakening, it is an immersive light experience. Rather than me explain it, let’s just see it. It is one of the best places on earth.

From a calming experience to an adrenaline one, I walked to the Windsor Suspension Bridge. The spectacular bridge is 71 metres in length, not for the faint-hearted, I did the classic I’m A Celeb moment and carefully walked across and did a pose at the end. I was petrified but when you looked out to see Gibraltar in all its glory, the fear just disappeared.

I felt like a hero walking further up the rock, speaking of which, Hercules Pillars is a must-see point on the rock.

According to legend, Hercules passed through here to take the cattle of Geryon – his tenth labour – and opened up the strait, creating the pillars which received his name (Hercules to the Romans)These pillars are still clearly identifiable today: the Rock of Gibraltar on one side and the Jbel Musa on the other. The legend matches the scientific reality although the timescales are somewhat different. The last time the strait opened up was around five million years ago and there were no humans around to watch it happen

You can not walk all away to the top of the rock but you can get to the highest point which is O’Hara’s Battery.

This battery owes its name to General Charles O’Hara, Governor of Gibraltar between 1795 and 1802. General O’Hara considered that, if he could raise a tower on this summit south o the Rock, he could observe the movements of the enemy in the port of Cádiz, located 60 miles away (about 100 km).

I am not sure that I could work out there as it was very very high and very cold but boy were the views spectacular.

When you visit Gibraltar you must say hello to the Macaques , they are a treasure to Gibraltar- the Barbary Macaques are normally found in North Africa, but their presence in Gibraltar probably dates from the early days of the British garrison when it is presumed that they were imported, inevitably finding the rough limestone cliffs and scrub vegetation a congenial habitat. 

That is what you have to remember when you are walking around them, this is their habitat and you are walking around their home. They are lovely creatures but I respected them and let them come to me rather than the other away around.

Because they are wild animals, they may react violently and have been known to attack and inflict serious bites. So you can’t take photos but must not touch or feed them. Give them the respect that they deserve.

I finally managed to walk my way all away back to the bottom of the rock and I was shattred and my feet were really sore but I am glad I did it.

Though it was a whistle-stop tour, I rather enjoyed my experience on Gibraltar Rock and I would love to visit again with a bit more time.

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