Review: The Shires @ Sage Gateshead

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Fans of The Shires have been on 10 Year journey with the country pop duo, it was fantastic to celebrate their anniversary at Sage Gateshead.

Thursday 5 May saw The Shires aka Ben and Crissie turn 10 years old in Gateshead and boy did it feel like a proper country music party in the North East. They all came about after Ben posted on Facebook asking for a country singer and Crissie replied and the rest is history.

And so in Sage Gateshead, The Shires took us down memory lane playing songs from all of their albums- including their new album 10 Year Plan.

Two of my favourite songs from the new albums are I See Stars (written by Ben and Jeff Cohen) and Plot Twist (written by Ben and Beth McCarthy) so I was really happy when I heard them perform those two songs live.

It really felt like a party atmosphere that night, the duo have you up and down on your feet, waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care (especially when they played Guilty) and really enjoying the music and the company of fellow fans of The Shires.

I have been calling them a duo but they are not alone, the band are made up of Charles,Ollie, Thommy and Rich. All talented artists in their own right, they add that extra oomph to the gig. You could see they were loving playing their instruments and bouncing their energy of Ben and Crissie.

If you have been to a Shires gig before then you will know that they like to get personal with their audience. I have seen Crissie perform the song Daddy’s Little Girl many a time and she always takes a piece of my heart everytime she sings it. An emotional song about her father, I don’t know how she manages to sing that song on every performance.

Having previously seen The Shires at Sunderland on their acoustic set, it was nice to see them on a bigger stage and bigger production. Happy Birthday The Shires.

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