Has the way we review theatre changed?

I started to review in 2012, which consisted of seeing a show, getting the press kit, writing about it on my computer and then being published in print and online. Now in 2022 where the mobile phone and social media are rife, writing a review about performance is more than just writing.

Because of social media, us theatre critics/theatre bloggers/bloggers etc whatever you want to call us, have to create content on our phones to share and promote the show.

A couple of weeks before the show, I am asked to write about the show that is coming to the theatre, maybe writing a preview on the blog or maybe doing a podcast/interview with the team involved in the show and sharing all of that content on social media. Asking people to buy tickets, like, share and comment etc

On the day of the show, again you share that on social media- telling followers that tickets are still available or simply that you are going and spreading the word about a performance.

When we arrive, we take pictures /selfies/ images of your ticket with the venue or programme or stage and sharing on social media. After the show we write the review, publish it on blog/site/magazine and again share it on social media platforms. Because of media law we also now have to tell our readers if our content is sponsored or an AD or Gifted.

For me, I am still, getting used to these terms and sharing my content on social media and if I am honest I do need to get better at it I still like going to a show, writing about it and then sharing it on my blog. Now I have to be better than that and compete with fellow content creators and use social media to promote the show and my content about the show. Because if I don’t use social media properly I fear that I may get lost behind and drift away from theatre which is not what I want to do at all.

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