What’s for Tea?

Who as a child remembers asking that question to their families every day after school? I certainly do. The Baltic & Travelling Gallery explored that theme of food in their mobile art gallery.

The exhibition is touring around the region and I visited Chopwell Community Centre on 11th June.

The exhibition title comes from the age-old question which Northern residents get quizzed on daily by friends, family and partners, “What’s for tea?”, referring to their main/evening meal of the day. What’s for Tea? made reference to BALTIC’s building history as a working flour mill, opened in 1950 by Rank Hovis. I learned all about the process of making bread.

It was quite a workout and I became tired after a few goes, so I decided to explore what was inside the bus. Inside there were different exhibitions and pieces of art that explored food production and consumption.

Works by Isabella Carreras, Kara Chin, Turner Prize-nominated duo Cooking Sections, artist collective Future FarmersAsunción Molinos Gordo, Julia Heslop, David Lisser and Sarah Qaed through a range of mediums.

We parked by the cafe called The Bank and had lunch there, The Bank is a cafe and hub that supports the community and does some fantastic work. If you are around that area or want to visit then I urge you to go and see and support the work that they do there. The cafe is pay what you feel and they have a community market and spaces for small businesses and artists. I was really humbled by what I saw and I felt really emotional and proud of what the people of my region can do to help each other.

Myself and my Dad had a lentil soup, banana milkshake and a slice of cake at the cafe and it only cost us around £12.00. The portion sizes were generous and it was all really tasty. Espically after exploring the artwork about food, I definatly appreciated my food in the cafe and I continue to have a diffrent realtihnsip with my food going forward.

Click here for more info https://baltic.art/whats-on/baltic-travelling-gallery-whats-for-tea

Click here to find out about the bank http://www.chopwell.org/bank

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