Silent Adventure Tours in Newcastle

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If you want to see Newcastle in a different light then you should join a Silent Adventure Tour in the city.

I would describe a Silent Adventure Tour as a Silent Disco with a difference, it is a flash mob and a silent disco. It is strutting and dancing in the city and having the time of your life all in 1hr.

I went on the 18th June and was told to meet the yellow T Shirted Silent Adventures Team by The Hustle close to The Gate at 14:45pm. There were around 60 of us of all aged groups and from various parts of the UK. They gave us our headphones and the fun started from there.

Mat Urie and his team got us all warmed up and we were ready to start our dancing journey. What a journey it was, Mat gave us the confidence to sing and dance to your hearts content. What I loved about the tour was the range of music genres and ages. So no matter what your era or your style of music there was something for everyone.

The guides were so funny and entertaining as they taught you some very funky dance moves along the way. One of my favourite parts was doing the catwalk, we all stood in 2 rows whilst taking it in turn to walk down the middle and show off our moves.

You forget that the outside world don’t have a clue what you are doing, as you walk around the city, pointing to the public and singing to them Spice Up Your Life. For those not from Newcastle, the tour is a great way to get to know your way around especially for the food and drink businesses.

My Mam came with me and she was able to track the route on her Strava so you can see the route.

What I love about Silent Adventures is that not only are you and your group smiling and loving life but I defiantly felt that we were spreading the musical joy around Newcastle.

I love to sing and dance around anyway so to do this with a group of strangers who you have just met felt amazing. It is such a mood booster and a form of exercise. I am now at home writing this and I can feel every muscle in my body.

Me and my Mam had a great time, we were able to sing and dance to some fantastic tunes and we never stopped smiling. We will be talking about this for months, it was something different and a different way to experience Newcastle.

Don’t worry if you are not a mover and shaker, the team are there to help you boogie on down no matter what your limits. It is all about having fun, exploring Newcastle and keep on moving.

For more information on the Newcastle Silent Disco

Website: /



Twitter: @silentadv

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