Hotpod Yoga in Gateshead

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The Hot pods are heated to 37°C, the same as our body temperature – not too hot and not too cool. The heat helps us to relax but to also sweat as if were doing a cardio workout.

To see what I am going on about watch this video

The studio in Gateshead is based  Hotpod Yoga Gateshead, Arch 8 Hymers Court, Brandling Street, Gateshead, United Kingdom, NE8 2BA, GB. I booked up to the Hot Pod Flow on Monday 530pm-630pm with Greta. I got there 15mins earlier to sign in and get changed, Greta explained beautifully where and what the facilities were and what I was going to expect.

I got changed and took a yoga mat, yoga blocks and a strap (this is all part of the class you do not need to buy them) along with my water (bring a large bottle) and got myself acclimatised to the heat. What I did not bring and have bought for next time (the class was that good, I am going back) is a non slip yoga towel to put on the mat to stop you slipping.

The pod is like a tardis, to me it does not look that big, when you unzip and enter it is huge. It is like walking into a inflatable heart of calm, the pod is violet/lavender colour and there is a lovely smell to the pod as well. I placed my equipment down, sat on my mat and got used to the space and the temperature.

Once everyone arrived and Greta was about to start the class, they calmly explained what was going to happen and reminded us that it is important to drink water regularly and if we needed a break just to lie down or sit in childs pose and re-join the flow when we were ready. We started by warming up and once we were warm, Greta started to introduce the flows. Now I am used to do doing yoga (you don’t need to be to do the class) and I felt comfortable doing the flows, it was different doing it in a hotpod. Greta explained to us to take it our own level and time and do what you can do, the important thing is that you are breathing and drinking water and feeling calm and relaxed.

After we had calm down and slowly ended the class, Greta reminded us again to take on water again and the importance of doing that.

I had done this class after a stressful day at work so I was really looking forward to doing it, I was (obviously ) really sweaty by the end but that is really okay and normal but I also felt really calm- I did not want to leave this feeling that I was experiencing. Just to do something for me and to be in a safe space where I could breath, stretch the stress away and relax- it was an experience I will never forget.

I have booked another Monday class and I am looking forward to it.

You can book on the website or via app, it is really easy to do.

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