The Lost Spells at The Sill

Living in Northumberland, I take all the nature and animals for granted and yet after seeing The Lost Spells exhibition at The Sill I have learned that I need to look after it more.

The new exhibition featuring artwork and words by artist Jackie Morris and writer Robert Macfarlane from their best-selling book, The Lost Spells, is on display at The Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre in Northumberland till 2023.

The Lost Spells: Listening to a Landscape of Voices is an immersive exhibition which features original artwork, soundscapes and interactive experiences.

There were beautiful paintings to match beautiful words and I found myself imagining all of those animals that were dancing around the walls.

The music by Spell Songs that played around the room of the exhibition was enchanting, so much that I had bought the CD and book from The Sill shop.

I really liked barn owl, the textures painted of the wings were so detailed- the barn owl looked fragile and soft.

Fox was fiery red and orange and with those piercing green eyes, Fox was watching me around the room, like a prl

We need to pay more attention to these animals and their words.

I went to the launch event on the Sunday as I wanted to see Dark Sky Voices.

They are a local 10 piece (usually) female choir were simply angelic, their voices lifted me up and made my really happy. Especially when they sung Seasons of Love from Rent. It was nice to celebrate Northumberland in this way, with music, art and nature.

The Lost Spells: Listening to a Landscape of Voices at The Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre will showcase original artworks by Jackie Morris alongside poems written by Robert Macfarlane. An interactive touch screen will allow visitors to create their own songs of nature using live recordings of wildlife including owl, fox, and curlew. A digital glossary featuring Jackie’s artwork from The Lost Spells will introduce wildlife native to the UK and Northumberland National Park, explaining more about their natural habitats.

You can find more about this on my Instagram

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