Space Camp- Hylton we have a problem #AD

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I took a 45min drive to arrive at my destination: Space Camp at Roker Beach to achieve my mission.

I travelled through galaxies and jumped through hyper space on my first flight from Roker, to find aliens and all sorts flying around space.

Sophie Teesdale

Theatre Company, tiny dragon created a 360 visual and audible experience in a shipping container that is really known as space shuttle Andromeda X.

Sophie Teesdale

It was 23min adventure with the astronauts as we supported them in completing the mission, though not everything went to plan- it was a bumpy ride.

I sat in these comfy airport seats with some spacey headphones, watching the screen and enjoyed the experience. I really enjoyed the storyline, it reminded me of Wall-E/Doctor Who and Star Wars. I found myself moving with the space craft on the screen so it would have been nice to have a motion ride to get the physical experience.

Sophie Teesdale

I liked the added strobe lights and flashing lights- it all added to the experience to make me feel as if I was in a spacecraft.

Sophie Teesdale

The videos and animations on the screen were beautifully done, the space footage was so realistic, seeing all these planets and stars and the views from Roker (presume done by a drone) having not been to Sunderland for a very long time- it made me appreciate how lucky I am to have these coasts around my region.

Sophie Teesdale

After I landed down on earth, I was hungry so I went to Pier Fish and Chips- and they were really tasty and I got a good portion for it being a small and of course you can’t not have an ice cream whilst at the beach so I got a £1 ice cream from Piccadilly ice cream van. Just to get my steps in and walk off the space weight, I walked along the promenade too.

Taking off from Roker Beach every hour, this 360 visual & sound 4D experience in a shipping container, takes you on an out of this world space adventure to New Sunderland on planet VX – 76.

Performance location: Roker Beach, Marine Walk, Roker, Sunderland (next to the pods) – SR6 9NF

You can park at Harbour View Car Park but then it’s a 10min walk along the front, past Fausto’s, Love Lilly & Grannie Annie’s. Grannie Annie’s is a pub and they are just around the bend from there.

Or you can park on Side Cliff Rd, which is near a park, and they are literally below the bridge it’s on. It’s free to park there but sometimes getting a space can be tricky. But it’s less walking and free. The post code is SR1 0PL. If you need to ask someone ask for Grannie Annie’s. Most people will know where it is. If all else fails we’re at the very bottom of Roker Park.

Please note, you do not need to collect your tickets from a box office. You will be checked in on the day when you arrive at the container. 

This event is part of Unlocking The Doors, a programme of live performance across Sunderland.

Unlocking the Doors is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

To book your place in the space camp click here you have till 15th Aug to complete your mission.

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