Bardon Mill Scarecrow 2022

You may remember the time I saw the scarecrows at Bardon Mill last year well low and behold they returned again this year.

Residents of Bardon Mill, Henshaw, Thorngrafton, Towhouse, Westwood, Redburn and Scrogwood all decorated and created Scarecrows of all shapes and sizes. Then it is up to the public to go around and vote for you favourites, the competition ended in August and the winners are being announced soon.

We started at the cafe at Bardon Mill, where we had to pay £1 for the map and off the hunt continued. Because we did it last year it was easy to know where to look as most of last years entrants did it this year. There was some very funny ones and some very creative ones, now as it is a competition I won’t tell you my scores but I will say I was very impressed with everyone’s entries.

Last year we did it in two days but this year we did it all in one day with a pit stop at The Bowels Hotel. Having never actually been in, we thought we would go in for tea, rather lucky to get a table (most were reserved) me and family had drinks and as it was curry night, we had Thai curries and it was £40 in total. We got loads on our plate and the meal was really tasty and they adjusted it to our spice level. I was really impressed by the level of service and the way the pub was decorated, really homely.

I really enjoyed doing this on an afternoon, being out in the countryside in all the greenery.

You needed a car to get around to see all the scarecrows but the maps has a post code on so it is easy enough to find. The competition is on till the end of August.

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