A Letter to Theatre

Dear Theatre,

I am sending my apologies to you, I have been putting off this letter for the longest time. Now I see you are thinking about striking- the need to write this letter is greater than ever.

In previous years, I hardly ever visited you. I did have some good reasons for that but I am meant to be a culture lover and supporter of you work, I question are these reasons good enough? Since Covid, it has been a bit of a bumpy ride for me and theatre has not been at the forefront of my mind, which is understandable but not good enough.

I remember times where I would be going to watch all kinds of shows three times a week, I loved the whole experience from getting ready to being in the theatre to going home afterwards talking about the wonderful performance I had seen. I would get all my prep doing-reading all the show notes, making sure I had my notepad and pen in my bag and my outfit ready. I then would be at the the venue, collecting my tickets and programme at the box office, take my seat- the houselights would go off and the show would start. As the show was on, I’d be making mental notes in my head. Complete enchanted by the magic of theatre, I’d forget about the world outside and just live in this moment. The show would draw to a close and I’d them make my way home, writing my review and sharing it far and wide.

When was the last time I did that? Minus one show in December last year, I can’t remember. Now that my journey is going in the right direction, I do need to start making an effort with you, theatre and start supporting you this year. Whether that is going to a show and paying for tickets, getting press tickets and writing a review, interviewing artists on my blog or podcast or simply sharing what’s on in the North East on socials etc I need to start showing my love for you again.

Let’s face it, without you- I wouldn’t have my blog or podcast or have a passion for you. I’d be nothing without Art, Music, Culture and Events- that is why it is so important to have you in my life. Not only that but the industry (in my opinion) is the backbone for thriving cities, when people come to see you, theatre. They may buy a new outfit especially, they might pay for a taxi to make sure they get to you on time, they may stay in a hotel and they may even splash out on a fancy meal and drink before the show starts.

I am sorry for not being there for you but I hope to change all that in 2023.

My apologies


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