Culture Trip: Berwick

I went to Berwick for the first time and I had a lovely day.

Using the LNER route, me and my mum hopped onto a train from Newcastle and had a Culture Trip to Berwick. It took us 15mins to walk from the station to the main town centre.

When we arrived we walked around the historic walls of Berwick that provided some interesting information about the town and some incredible views. The walls are just over a mile and it took us over an hour to walk all away around.

I was quite taken back by the ice cool system that Berwick used to use when it was a busy fishing port. Berwick used to import the salmon to London and so they could sell it at a high price, they would keep it in this tunnel in ice so it would be fresh for longer.

When we were walking around, I noticed a Lowry Art Trail. Did you know that Lowry was inspired by Berwick? I was not able to do the full trail as I could not find a map, it was just a case of as I was walking around, I was spotting the signs and seeing the locations that Lowry based his paintings on.

Berwick was so serene, I loved taking in the colour of the sea and the golden sands that surrounded the water. As we arrived early in the morning we found it was quiet- so we could pay attention to the natural environment.

As you can imagine in the sea air and all that walking made us hungry so we headed to Artelier and wow what a choice and what a pub. The decoration was out of this world and you were spoilt for choice on the menu. We ended up with the soup. I had the vegetable and Mam had the casserole, it was fresh, homemade soup that came with sourdough bread. It was really tasty and I felt rather full.

Although not full enough for dessert.. so we headed to Mule on Rouge, I had wanted to visit here for a long time and I was looking forward to trying their delicious cakes, we both had a citrus slice- mine with a hot choc and Mam had a choc orange and ginger tea.

We needed to walk all that food off, we explored the independent businesses and had some retail therapy. Our train was 15.12 so we needed to head back to the station and on our way back we noticed Eagles house that has 3 busts but of who, we don’t know? Can you help?

Let me know in the comments. We also realised that close to the station is a sculpture of the beat that has been provided by the community and tells us where the name Berwick comes from.

I had a lovely day with my mum at Berwick. To find out more about Berwick, click here

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