Interview with: John McNamee

I came across John McaNmee on Facebook and I really enjoyed their work, the artwork is beautiful. So I wanted to know more about their journey into art.

How did you get into drawing?

I always drew as a child. Probably around 5 years old. I remember at school other children asking me to draw pictures for them, like
footballers, buildings and animals.

You draw landscapes, what kind of landscapes have you drawn and are there any that you would like to draw?

I love drawing buildings in ink. The dark ink stands out more than pencil, I’ve also done oil landscapes and seascapes too.

What is your inspiration?
Not so much inspiration but I just enjoy the feeling of creating a picture. Coffee music and on my own place to create.

How long does a drawing take you?

Between 4 and 8 hours. Collectively the Newcastle picture took over 100 hours.

What medium do you use to draw?
Graphite pencil and ink pens.

I love the newcastle drawing- tell us more about that

My family lived in Gosforth when my dad played for Newcastle. My sister returned to live there around 20 years ago. I drew Rome landmarks and Cockermouth where I now live and decided to draw Newcastle next. Some great buildings in Newcastle and I really enjoyed putting the pictures together.

Can anyone draw?
I believe that if you can see well you can draw well. I only draw what I can see. Adults often say they are rubbish at art and drawing but that’s highlighting their problem. They are not taking time to look at their subject enough.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up?
I’m starting a series of ink portraits of icons over colour. Started with this David Bowie one. Planning Kurt Cobain next. Maybe Geirge Best and Mohammid Ali.

If yo u want to find out more about John, the facebook page is called Art by John McNamee jnr.

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