My Relationship with the West End

I live in the North East and I am very lucky to be around so many venues and to be around so much art and culture. Then why do I feel so disengaged to the theatre world and the west end?

I tell you what caused this- I was watching the Olivier Awards and I realised that I had hardly heard of any of the shows that were nominated. I thought to myself, is this because I don’t live in London and I can’t afford tickets to see these shows in the West End or is it more due to the shows not being at the North East just yet? Or is it all my fault that I have not made an effort to be engaged in the London theatre scene?

I listen to musical radio shows and there again, I have no idea of any of the musicals- even when I listen to the tunes- the more modern stuff I have not heard of. I also watch YouTubers who review musicals and shows in the West End and I have to be honest, I am envious of them- I wish I could just go to the west end and enjoy a musical and come home to review it.

As a reviewer/theatre blogger I should know my industry and be covering all sorts of art and culture from around the region but I can’t. I do feel awful about it.

Though I do have the opportunity to review the shows when they tour to the UK and to the region but I don’t always get the opportunity to do that and also by that time a brand new show is in London and I feel like I am not relevant anymore. It is supposed to be my job to be in the know and know what shows are hot and what shows are not and at the moment I feel so disconnected- which is really sad 😦

One thought on “My Relationship with the West End

  1. Well- look what happens when I see the Tonys (not being familiar with the musicals that are nominated). However, it still makes me aware of the shows that are there. I love musical theatre- don’t feel a disconcert to Broadway though despite how far away I live from there

    When you live in North Carolina, getting to NYC is not easy. I only went to NYC once- that is 17 years ago (the first time I saw a show on Broadway- Wicked). I luckily live in a major touring city, but don’t go to every musical that tours there (on average, I only 2-4 a year).

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