Review: The Lies @ Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle

Photography: Matt Jamie

Written by Degna Stone, The Lies is a thought provoking piece. It questions what you believe to be the real definition of truth and lies.

A intimate performance space, there are piles and piles of newspaper around the stage – with a table and 2 chairs all wrapped in newspaper. The walls are black to allow for projections to aid the narrative.

I liken it to The Christmas Carol, in that Leah (played by Degna Stone) is Scrooge and the 3 ghosts are the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Santa played by Luca Rutherford. As Degna is a poet, they have a way with crafting and engineering words, so I am of course engaged and locked on to every word that is performed.

Luca portrays the Easter Bunny as this sweet and innocent animal until the magic has gone and things turn salty. Their performance of Santa of comical until the magic has gone and suddenly Santa is not so jolly and Luca’s performance of the Tooth Fairy is glittery and magical until the magic has gone and there is no money under the pillow to find.

I am in my twenties and I love to believe in magic and fairy tales, I obviously know that there is no such thing in magic (sorry everyone) but it does help me get through the bad times and protects me from the bad news that I hear. The Lies at Alphabetti Theatre dissects how falling into the world of make believe is a trap and we should not believe everything we are told.

I will say that this was the first time that I have seen a show at Alphabetti Theatre (it will not be the last) and really love the space, it is really warm, welcoming, they are clearly very passionate about supporting the arts and (this my favourite thing) they serve hot cordial which you can take into the theatre. If you have not been, then check out the venue at St James Boulevard and support regional theatre- art should be for everyone.

The performance is a pay what you feel and is on till the 3rd June :

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