Does size matter?

Well does it?

I am of course talking about followers and how so many of my fellow bloggers either have quite a few or encourage people to follow them in order to increase the count.

And don’t get me wrong having a strong following is great as it means you have people reading your blog and it looks good on the social media front, having 1000 plus followers looks like an impressive stat.

Does it mean anything?

It can be fantastic saying you have all these followers etc but in the grand scheme of things, does it mean anything? I suppose it just pushes your stature up in the world of blogging and maybe you will receive some free stuff out of it but apart from that, is there any meaning in bragging behind how many people are reading your blog.

And who is to say that they all actually read your blog, yes they may follow you on your blog and across your social media channels but how many of them actually take the time out to read your content? I only follow a small amount of bloggers because they are my friends/ I like there content/blog looks great/great social media voice and I actually take the time out to sit and read what they have written.

Still a newbie

Obviously I am still a newbie to this, as starting in January I only have a small number of followers, which to be if I am honest does not matter to me and for how ever long I continue to blog it will never matter to me. Yet it does matter to the PR/Marketing Teams- I know when I have asked to review shows at theatres, the PR Teams want to know how many followers I have to see if it’s alright for me to review a show.

Though I don’t have many followers, my blogs do tend to get a lot of activity on social media which is great. I am happy for people to share my blogs and read them etc but again I don’t thrive on that happening.

So why do I blog?

I think I have said this before on a previous blog, but I don’t have a blog for the social media or for the numbers. I have it because I love to write and I love writing about what I am passionate about. And if readers engage with it and can relate to what I write about then that is a bonus.

But for me the numbers just don’t matter in my opinion.


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