Culture Trip 5: CatPawCino

Yes that’s right I have been back out to the North East and ventured out to another Culture Trip.


And this time I was out to a cat cafe, yes it turns out there is more than one cat cafe in Newcastle and believe there is a dog cafe somewhere too.

Any hoo, this particular cafe is called CatPawCino- it is situated at the Quayside just around the corner before you get to Live Theatre. And it is such a calming/relaxing environment for both cats and visitors.

When I got the cafe I had to take my shoes off and sanitise my hands, listen and follow the house rules and then I was taken to a table to enjoy the experience.

The room is really spacious it’s like an outdoor/indoor garden so there is lots of space for the cats to roam around and play in.  The menu for us humans is great too, there is a lot of choice for you to eat and drink. I went for a Mexican chicken sani and a lovely green tea.


They have 7 resident cats who are all lovely, soo cute and soft- I of course gave them a cuddle or two and played with them. I think what is nice about the cats is that, the owner of the cafe also owns the cats- she has looked after them since they were kittens. So it is nice to see that they have that strong relationship.

To find out more about owner click here 



For more information and to book a table at the cafe click here 

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