Review: Kevin and Karen Dance @ Sage Gateshead

The Strictly Come Dancing duo returned to Sage Gateshead with a bigger and better tour.

This year’s UK Tour is all about what inspired Kevin and Karen to become dancers, from being a child in their bedrooms in Grimsby and Venezuela to Strictly.

The show felt like we were sitting in their show biz living room and we were watching them grow up.

Kevin very much felt like The Greatest Showman, he was entertaining his audience from the start right through to the end.

I felt that Karen was not as talkative, no no- she did her talking through movement and music as she said dancers are storytellers.

The pair were debating who out of their inspirations were better than the others, Karen giving a bit of sass with her performance of Queen B’s Crazy in Love. She really got my head bopping and my hips a shaking, she brings soo much energy and character to her performances.


And Kevin bringing out his inner MJ and pulling out all of the moves in his Smooth Criminal performance. He was soo slick as he pulled out the moon walk, making the crowd woo with glee. Kevin referring back to when he premiered on his first SCD show with Susanna Reid and his smooth criminal wasn’t so smooth.


Of course it wasn’t just those too, they were backed by Clive Dunstall and his Orchestra with guest singers Alison Jiear and Jon Robyns. Along with dance captain Patrick Helm, Danny Collins, Jake Leigh, Ash-Leigh Hunterm Katie Priest and fellow Strictly Dancer Dianne Buswell.


I adored the Romeo and Juliet duo danced by Dianne and Patrick, the pair dressed in white it was a fusion of contemporary and the american smooth (I think). It was just a romantic performance and beautiful danced, as the pair weaved in and out of each other, it was simple yet beautifully done.

Speaking of romance, this is something I was not going to address but as Kevin and Karen mentioned it in their performance I thought that I should mention it too. It was announced that personally as a loving pair, they had decided to split up but as professional dancers they are still very much together.


It was very emotional listening to Kevin talk about this and to see them perform after his speech it did bring a tear to my eye, especially as Kevin asked Karen to remember that she is always loved.

Dance was refreshing to see, with different music, dance styles and interpretations it wasn’t just your average Strictly star show. They had songs from Broadway, West End, Pop and Rock and Roll.


And to top if off, Strictly stars Kevin, Karen and Dianne officially announced that they were returning to the BBC Show this year.


To find out if Kevin and Karen will be performing near you click here for tour dates

*All Photos on the blog were taken by Linda Hirst, my feature image was taken by myself*

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