How Young Women’s Trust helped me

Image Credit: Young Women’s Trust 

If you have followed my Journalism Journey, then you will know that it has been a bit of a struggle. There I was, on Instagram struggling and scrolling away and that is when I came across an advert from Young Women’s Trust.

It asked if I was struggling and needed a boost in confidence and career and I answered yes. I clicked the button and found the coaching service. I filled in an online form, selected the type of coaching I was after and then  I was matched up with a coach.  I was matched up with Charlotte and she was really lovely.

We communicated via What’s App and on the phone. It was all on a 1 to 1 service, we would organise the time around me and when was best to talk on my time which was really useful- especially as I work part-time and my rota was not always the same.

I had 6 sessions with Charlotte (which were all free), we talked about what I wanted to get from the service and what I wanted to talk about. If I am honest, I thought it would be Charlotte doing a lot of the talking but she got a lot out of me. She would ask me questions and I would do a lot of the talking, it is funny what you end up saying when you are doing the talking- I was really surprised by what I came out with.

In my head were really negative thoughts but when Charlotte would ask me questions, with thoughts and reflections- my answers were all positive.

I started the sessions thinking really negatively of myself and to my last session, I had done a complete 180. When Charlotte asked me about my work experience and she noticed that I would talk down and say well I just emailed ITV and I just covered Brexit, a lot of talks was JUST. Charlotte was saying that I should not say JUST say that I DID do that and I WORKED for ITV. Talk it all up rather than just shrugging it off.

Charlotte was really positive and made me realise that I am able to do things when I put my mind to it, she was really understanding and soft-spoken and a brilliant listener.

On reflection with Charlotte, I had really changed. My attitude and my confidence- everything had changed. I went from thinking and saying I can’t do that and I can’t believe in myself to I can do this and I do believe in myself.

And now I am an Ambassador for Young Women’s Trust, which is amazing and I can’t wait to support other young women like me.

To find out more about the coaching service click here 




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