Darlington Hippodrome at Home

Image: Darlington Hippodrome

*Darlington Hippodrome know that I am writing this piece but have not asked me to write or say anything, these are my own words*

I have visited Darlington before but I have never been into the Darlington Hippodrome, at least not to see a show.

Thanks to the Hippodrome at Home I can have a virtual tour of the theatre in the comfort of your own home. This is just one of the projects that Darlington Hippodrome are doing to keep their audience entertained.

I have just started doing their Limber Up With The D Project and DarlingtonHippodrome. This is series of videos to keep everyone flexible whilst staying at home.  You can also have a go at their quizzes, colouring-in sheets and puzzles. All to keep us engaged with the theatre and all for free.

Darlington Hippodrome has selected Darlington Samaritans as their new annual charity partner. Through the partnership, Darlington Hippodrome will help support Darlington Samaritans’ services through various fundraising activities.

Darlington Hippodrome has launched an online crowdfunding page to allow individuals to show their support for Darlington Samaritans and find out more about the services they provide.

Darling Hippodrome Website

For more information about Darlington Hippodrome at Home click here 

For more information on ways on how you can support the Hippodrome click here 

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