My first Pride

Saturday 23rd July saw NewcastleGateshead celebrate UK and NorthernPride, I had never been to Pride before and I was really excited to experience this amazing event.

I put on my rainbow attire and headed in to Newcastle. The theme of Pride this year is Remember, Resist and Rise Up which you may see on the Northern Pride Merch this year, for more info visit

I attended The March where we met at The Civic Centre and it was a sea of rainbow, celebration and love. The march went all around the town and headed in the direction of where Pride is based- at the town moor.

It was such a lovely atmosphere, to be with everyone celebrating that no matter who you are everyone is welcome here in the NorthEast. There was such a feeling of community spirit and celebration.

It was nice to see families and children there celebrating Pride. There were many companies and unions there wearing pride branded t-shirts, many of which were from out the region. Which was great to see that people from all around the UK had made the effort to come to Newcastle to celebrate pride.

There has not been a march in 2 or 3 years and it was the buzzing, to celebrate love and how welcoming we are as a region.

Of course, there is not just The March that is on, there are some big names performing at the town moor and there are activities and other events going on. To find out more visit

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