Being a powerful woman?

So a few weeks ago it was #InternationalWomensDay and apart from doing a post on the old social media I was not really feeling the powerful women vibe.

I was going through the Facebook and Twitter watching what my fellow sisters were up to and check out what our strong females in the public eye were doing. I was thinking that  I have that done nothing in comparison to them. International Women’s Day is supposed to be celebrate strong women and I feel like I can’t even class myself as one those. I think a lot about my female friends and family and what they have achieved and I wish I could do what they do.

Being successful?

If I think back to my life so far and to me, I feel like I have not achieved a lot. I have passed my theory test, graduated with a 2.1, I have a blog that I enjoy writing and I like my part time job that I have been working for more than a year now.  But other than that,there isn’t much else I can say about my success. I look at what my peers have done, some of them have a job in the degree that they have studied, some of them are still succeeding in their degree and will no doubt get a job straight after they graduate. Then I look at at the vloggers of today whom of which are all young people like myself and are creating fab content, inspiring their audiences and are making jobs of out of it. All these successful women I really can not put myself in that type of shoe.

Get a grip

Perhaps I should stop feeling sorry for myself and get a grip with my life and start thinking/being a strong/successful woman. Start working on myself and find out who I am and who I want to be, try focusing on those 2017 goals  and just seriously get a grip.  Last week I got my haircut and she had just came back from 3 months of travelling.  Apart from being really tanned she felt like she had a new lease of life and it has inspired her to want to do more with her life instead of doing her daily routine (rather like I am doing now).

Feeling sorry for myself

Perhaps that’s what I should do and what should be added to my  2017 goals, maybe I should stop feeling sorry for myself and get out in the world and see what is out there.  I am too comfortable where I am and I am too lazy or too afraid to take any risks to change the situation that I am in.   Being a successful women won’t happen over night I need to go out there and put some work in.

Focus on the positives

I should just stop moaning and focus on what I have achieved and what my future holds. Instead of thinking what I didn’t do and stop comparing myself to others and focus on my own achievements. Then I will become a strong women.





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