My experience of Work Experience

If you are a student or a  graduate then getting work experience in your subject area is important, not only does it give you a chance to see what it is like to work in the profession but it enables you to meet others and do a bit of networking. You never know you may get a job out of it.

That has always been my hope when I get work experience, that one day someone will hire me but alas that has not happened.

How it all started

During my time at university I gained a week worth of experience at my local paper in Hexham- The Hexham Courant. And I did 4 weeks at Johnston Press North East, being a journalism student I had to gain some experience in a news room and I did enjoy it- I learnt a lot and I really wanted to get a job in that field doing news or community stories.

As my time went on in uni I was not so sure if I wanted to go down the news route so after I graduated I did some more work experience with Liverpool Echo, Leicester Mercury and Southport Visitor.

My friends and family will know that I had a tough time at both Liverpool and Southport and it really put me off but that us by the by now. But at Leicester I loved it,  I met the public and worked in an office environment.  During the placement, I worked as a journalist, wrote articles and assisted the journalists with their stories.I also got to experience going to court as a reporter and was able to attain quotes for the court reporter. It was great and I thought yes, I really want to do this.

Then it all changed

I spent along time not doing anything bar blogging and working part time ( to be honest I am still doing that now) which is upsetting me- that is another blog to come.

And I had no idea what I was going to do until I had a meeting with my uni’s career guidance team which you can read about here  and I had a plan to get some experience in PR and go down the arts/marketing/pr/communications route (which I am still trying to do) but even now I am finding it hard.

Yes I recently had some arts marketing work experience and that did not go according to plan either.

Self doubt

Because of all this bad luck, it leaves me doubting myself. I have no  idea what I should be doing, I think I just need some luck in work experience, just a positive placement where I think yes this is what I want to do- this is the career I should be in.

I guess I just need to start looking for companies and contacting them and asking if they can provide me with some work experience. I also think and I am sure you guys will agree with me that I need to speak to the guidance team again to see where I am going wrong and how I can fix this feeling of self doubt and fearing work experience for the worst.



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