Me and My Skin *Update*

My fellow readers may remember in November (hey that rhymed) last year that I wrote a blog post about my relationship with my skin. Well, I thought that I had it down with the Lush Products until I had a nasty breakout all over my chin and jawline- I think it was cystic acne rather than your average hormonal acne.

I got really upset about it because I was so sure that the lush products were working and they were up until this breakout. So I posted across my social media channels to find out what products acne suffers use *and you guys know who you are* but you were really helpful in giving me advice on what I should and should not be using.

One of the recommendations were Pixi Products, I had heard about them on You Tube and read reviews in magazines so I knew a little about the products. So I thought I should give it a go and I actually contacted Pixi on Facebook, to which they gave me a routine and told me which products I should use.

So this was my new routine, I started the day with the Pixi Mud Cleanser which I really liked I felt like it removed all the oil and dirt off my face and gave it a real deep cleanse. After that, I would use the Glow Tonic Water now this really helped my skin. It made my skin glow and it has a really gentle exfoliation.  I only used it twice or once a week in the evening after I have used the mud mask.  Then I was told by Pixi to use the H20 Skindrink moisturiser- this product left my skin feeling oily/sticky and dry around the edges of my face. It was not great if got my oily skin as it will only make it feel worse.
My skin also felt itchy after I had applied it.

However, I wanted to know what Pixi could offer me in terms of a deep cleanse- especially for when I do have makeup days. They recommended me the  Double Cleanse and the Mud Mask. The cleanser was great for taking off makeup and all of the dirt from your face and was soft on my skin. Great product if you have severe acne or sensitive skin. The mask left my face feeling soft and clean and it smelt nice.


But I was not noticing any changes if anything it was making my skin worse- Pixi Products have acid in them and I think I was OTT it with too many products.

My acne was getting angry so I had to back to the doctors. He prescribed me a cream (which I am still on) and so far it is working, I think it will take time but so far so good.

However I have stopped using the Pixi Products (but they were really helpful)  and I am back using the lush products- but just simple stuff ie a soap, toner and a moisturiser.

So hopefully my skin will start to calm down and the treatment will work.









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