My First Class Experience

Yes for the first time ever, I was able to travel First Class for free and all thanks to Virgin East Coast.

Nope you have not read wrong, I was able to travel to Newcastle-  London Kings Cross return trip all for free.

How did you get it?

After travelling to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, there was an issue with my train that was not my fault. So I sent in a complaint letter to Virgin East Coast and I got a refund and a complementary return ticket on any line within the Virgin East Coast route.

And it just so happens that I was planning some work experience with a marketing company and my journey had to go via London, so I thought why not use the free trip on that.

What was it like?

I arrived at the First Class Lounge at Newcastle Station and it was very plush. There was a large screen tv, soft seats, free drinks (both hot and cold) and snacks. It was very warm and comfortable.



How was your journey?

I was seated in coach M, where I had a little table and a window with a charger for my devices (which was handy for me) and free wifi for my whole journey.

Usually when I travel on a train I will take a little packed lunch with me but being First Class I found there there was free drinks and food for me, which was great as I can get a little peckish when travelling on a long journey.

All in all it was a very comfortable journey with the posh swanky seats, I felt like a celeb for the day- to be waited on hand and foot by the staff, I won’t lie I took every advantage of being in First Class for free.

And how about the return journey?

Going home from London KX,there was a massive lounge- full of chairs, tables, free wifi etc it was like the lounge in Newcastle. Expect there was a massage angel who gave out free massages to ease your back after carrying all your heavy bags.



Now of course I will never get to experience first class ever again so I did take advantage of all that was to offer, relaxing and living it up in the high life. It did make my journey less stressful and I really enjoyed the experience.





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