Review: 105+dB- Great Exhibition of the North

After the Great Exhibition of the North launch on Friday I found myself walking back up to Sage Gateshead and I could here the roaring sounds of football fans. I knew the world cup screen was at Centre of Life and yes St James Park is not too far away from the music venue but there isn’t a game on today.

So what could that sound be?

Of course- it was the 105+dB sound installation at the Performance Square, Sage Gateshead. To have an idea of what I am talking about, check the Get North tweet to see what I experienced. I did film it myself but I can’t upload my video to this post.

Created by Invisible Flock, this interactive piece of audio recreates the unique sound of a football stadium. 105+db is the volume of the individual voices that fill the crowd in the football games that have been recorded.

It highlights the way football provides the perfect arena for so many to congregate and express passion, unity and pride. I met Technical Director, Ben Eaton who was at the performance square on Friday and he told me “it’s all about celebrating what it is to come from a place- from Newcastle and celebrating the passions of the North East and exploring the people and communities within the city”.

Standing in the square (more like a circle) it was like I was standing in the middle of St James Park and hearing the roar of the fans it was very powerful and I found myself tearing up. Standing on the Gateshead side of the Quayside and looking at the view, looking at the hustle and bustle of people and seeing the Tyne and Millennium Bridge and then looking at St James Park in the distance- I felt very proud of the North East and to be from this city that is going to have some exciting events on from now till September.

The sporting culture and being a Newcastle United supporter is prominent in the city. And for these two industries of art and sport that may appear far apart- to crossover to recreate this interactive art installation is a very clever way of showing how they connect.

For more information about this exhibition click here

To find out about Invisible Flock click here

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