Culture Trip 18: Whitworth Hall & Durham

I can not apologise enough for how late these Culture Trips are, I just got up to a lot in my summer in August that I just forgot to write them all up for my blog.

So without further ado, here is my Culture Trip to Durham. Again I must thank my fellow North East bloggers for suggesting this trip to me.

I and the Hirst family headed off to Whitworth Hall not to stay oh no, we visited the country hotel to see the deer.


The hall has a massive ground where the deer are free to roam around, you just open the gate and walk around these deer. They are not bothered to see you there, they must be used to tourists and the guests at the hotel saying hello to them.


You can feed the deer but we chose not too as I didn’t want to overfeed them and I felt like this was more for children. They are beautiful creatures and it was pleasant to be walking around with nature, enjoying the walk and looking at the deer.


Anyway after having enough of the deer, much like this one- we were in need of some scran. We had to travel back into the main town of Durham as there were no eater places nearby.

Now my brother is vegan so we wanted somewhere that my brother could have a proper meal rather than just salad. Using an app called Happy Cow which helps you find shops, cafes and restaurants that cater for Vegans, we found Jumping Bean in Durham.


More like a junk food/American diner cafe, you can burgers, wraps, cakes and amazing milkshakes.


It just goes to show that Vegan food can be and is very tasty and filling. We just needed something filling to end our walking around and meeting the deer.

It was a rather nice little jaunt out for the day.


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