Experiencing Jealousy and something about a podcast

So in a previous blog post, I spoke about failure and I was comparing myself to others and feeling like I was not good enough.

I recently experienced my first live recording of a podcast- The Guilty Feminist at Northern Stage at which the host, Deborah Frances -White along with her co-hosts Grace Petrie and Sammy Dobson were talking about Jealousy.

Now I am a feminist and I never thought that I could ever be jealous or really experience it but after being at the podcast, I think this ‘failure’ that I have been feeling- is jealousy. I have been thinking eurgh how lucky are they that they have a great job and a nice new car.  That feeling has been a negative reaction.

And what I learnt from the podcast, is that I should be (and will be doing) is changing that feeling to a positive one. I should be thinking well done, they have really worked hard at trying to find that job and well done on getting a fab car. Changing that jealousy to support, because I know that when my friends have succeeded they will want me there as a support network. Instead of feeling jealous.

The trouble is that these days, we are all on social media and we are all posting things that showcase how great our lives are and how perfect everything is. When in fact everything is the total opposite. So it can be hard to not be jealous but to also decipher what we see on social media is fake or real.

Deborah Frances -White also discussed jealousy within work and all of her reactions/thoughts/ facts were taken from research done on women in high paid roles.  And I am not going to go into too much detail as I am still working there but some of what she said related to me in my part-time role and I felt better for it.

Slightly going off topic here but these past couples of months have been a bit rubbish for me and this will sound cliche but being at the theatre that night and listening to The Guilty Feminist was a great medicine for me. I didn’t know what I was going to expect other than that I listen to this podcast. I didn’t know what it was about or who the guests were or what the set up was.

It has been a long day and I wasn’t feeling my best but after being at that podcast I just felt better. I was sat in the theatre and all around me were women of all shapes, sizes and I don’t- they might be having a worse day than me but you know what. We were all there, supporting each other, celebrating women and my attitude and feelings have changed thanks to that.

I just took stock of all my problems and realised how insignificant they were like I have been dwelling and escalating them on my own- making everything feel worse than they were.

So I feel much better thank you 🙂 Which is positive because as I am going to share with you a new exciting, positive feature.

You can listen to The Guilty Feminist on any podcast provider or visit the Guilty Feminist You Tube Channel and listen to the podcast here 









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