Culture Trip 19- Twixtmas Special @ South Tyndale Railway

Twixtmas you say?

I thought Christmas was over, well yes it is and I did experience this Culture Trip in December 2018 but I was on holiday then hence I am blogging about it now.

I had not been to the South Tynedale Railway train since I was very little and once I had heard the train was running at Christmas I wanted a return trip.


The South Tynedale Railway is based at Alston in Cumbria where you can ride along the beautiful Pennine way where it terminates at Slaggyford. It is a developing tourist attraction and in the future, they hope to follow the original junction with the main line at Haltwhistle.


I booked it online and it was £10 for adults, this also included a hot chocolate during the ride and a tasty meal after the train.


There was a couple of carriages and I and my family ended up in a rather plush one with a roof and red plush chairs, it was a little cold but very cosy.


When I was little I remember being in a carriage with wooden seats and it was open, very different to what I experience on the Twitxmas special.


But I wasn’t really looking on the inside I was looking through the window as the views were spectacular.


It was peaceful and I appreciated the nature that I am lucky to see in Northumberland. All the greenery and water around me it was like looking at a painting.

The carriages were pulled by this locomotive and it was a smooth and sturdy train ride. And it was a memorable experience that I hope to come back to.


Yes, it is not just during Christmas that the train ride is on, oh no- they have a variety of trips throughout the year.

At Alston station, you will find a cafe, gift shop, discovery centre, viewing workshops and free parking for cars and coaches.

For more information about the South Tynedale Railway click here 






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