Culture Trip 31- Giant Lego Trail @ Washington Wetland Centre

I have always wanted to visit Washington Wetland Centre and when I heard about the Lego Exhibition I really wanted to go.

I have to be honest and say it was a bit of treck getting there from Prudhoe. I had to get an all-day all-zone bus ticket that cost me £8.20. It for me from Prudhoe to Metro Centre, then I got the X66 Metro Centre to Gateshead Interchange. I then had to get an Adult Day Saver which was £5.20 to get me to Gateshead Interchange to Sunderland Interchange- Park Lane. And then with all all-zone bus ticket, I got the number 8 Coast and Country bus from Park Lane to Waterview Park.

Waterview Park is the closest stop to the centre and what you do is, walk along with the big offices, you will see a little house. From the house, you walk down a road and you will eventually see the centre.


I booked my ticket online and it was around £8.00, I quoted my booking number and off I went to explore it. I never realised the scale of the centre and I was restricted to time on the day I went so I was worried I would not get around.


My purpose of being there was to see the lego, so I was also given a map to where the lego sculptures were so off I went, map and backpack- I was ready to explore.


Walking out of the centre, it was so beautiful. Looking out into nature, seeing and hearing all of what it had to offer.


There were 14 lego animals to explore and found the first one which looked like some sort of goose. No very impressive but it was interesting to look at.


I liked how the REAL birds had so much space and water areas to swim around in.


Next on the lego map was Skye The White Stork. Storks communicate by clattering their bills, you will see this during courtship. It took 6328 bricks and 80 hours to build this stork.


With the texture of the lego, it made it look like feathers, it makes you appreciate how beautiful birds are. Much like this White Headed Duck, this one was a male one as it had a distinctive swollen bright blue bill, females have black bills.


There was a variety of ducks around the centre including this giant duck.

20190430_133344.jpg There were also a lot of geese too.



If you know me, then you will know that I love Flamingoes and I was so excited to see both the lego version and the real thing.


Flavia The Flamingo took 80 hours to build and 3100 bricks.


I needed a break from lego so I headed to the saline lagoon to experience a wonderful view and to hear the birds tweeting.


Looking across the River Wear, it was perfect. Honestly, I love being outdoors in nature it is so good for your mind and how you feel.


Just look at that, all of the different shades of green and that tree- I think it is a willow tree. It is stunning to look at, I think I spent a good 5 minutes just breathing in this stunning and peaceful view.

Anyhoo, back to the lego. It did struggle to find all of the animals- it took me ages to find a few of them. I am not going to show you all of them I just want to show you a few of my favourite lego friends.

This kingfisher was very colourful and definitely stood out in the woodlands. Kingfishers are under threat at the moment due to pollution and their nests being destroyed 😦 WWT help to protect them.

This one took 100 hours and 1200 bricks to build.


I really liked the insect garden, full of flowers and foliage- it smelt amazing. Now I did not see any insects but I did spot a lego dragonfly. The Emporer Dragonfly to be specific, it is the largest dragonfly in Europe.


Saving the best till last, I really liked the frog. Or Fred The Frog, Frogs are a big part of nature and they control the insect population. Fred is a common frog but his species are disappearing.  If you want frogs in your garden, build shady, damp shelters using logs or stones.

Fred took 75000 brick and 244 hours to build.



I was lucky that it was another sunny day and I am glad I took a treck on public transport to get there.

Safe to say I had a hoot exploring the lego trail.


To Plan your visit for Washington Wetland Centre click here




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  1. HAve you heard of the Network One Explorer ticket? It’s £10.90 for an adult and you can travel across all modes of transport all over the NE. Have a look on their website (just Google it) for details x

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