There is hope in lockdown

This was written on the 9th June

I looked outside the window one night after I made a career decision. It was rather late but the sky was a lovely shade of dark blue and beyond the sky, I could see the view ahead and it was full of street lights.

At that moment it didn’t look like street lights, in one moment it looked like a music festival as if all the audience were holding lighters and they were flickering around to the musical beat. Then in another moment, it looked like busy cars driving around, I imagined they were cars filled with families going to see their loved ones or perhaps going on a holiday. And it also looked like stars in the night sky flickering in the night.

It was such a beautiful night in the sky and I was feeling pretty calm and chilled out. And it made me think about how there is still hope in the world of Covid19, things can and will return to normal again. And my future will be a positive and happy experience and I won’t be stuck in the house forever, I will be able to go out there and live my life.

That is all 🙂



4 thoughts on “There is hope in lockdown

  1. It’s thoughts like this that have helped me through lockdown. Hope that one day soon things will go back to normal. We are still shielding as my daughter has disabilities, but I really can’t wait to meet up with family and friends.
    Beautifully written blog post, I really enjoyed your description, so much felt like I was there.

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