My problem with TikTok

I was a total newbie to TikTok and as soon as a singed up, I removed my account. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love that the app has encouraged people to lose their inhibitions and move and dance and share it on social media. 

It’s the dance bit that irritates me, these silly little gestural routines get on my wick. It is not really dancing, not a proper routine.  Learning routines takes time, skill and practice. 

I see people doing these silly movements with their limbs and they look a bit silly and I know some of those people and they think they can dance. When they can’t, not properly.  

I think it annoys and impresses me that people can learn these routines so quickly. It takes me ages to learn dances and then to perfect them. 

I would like to see dance professionals have a go at these TikTok Routines to see if they could them. 

Don’t get me wrong, I know TikTok is all a bit of fun and I am ok with TikTok- II just wanted to rant about a small issue I have with it.

One thought on “My problem with TikTok

  1. I absolutely love the educational side of tiktok, with people giving bitesize snippets of information about history, the world. and cultures. But there are so many videos of people just copying others in a bid to go viral! Its so desperate!!


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