Meet the bloggers: Victoria Sully

Name of blog: Lylia Rose What is your blog about? It’s a UK lifestyle blog where I regularly write content about parenting and my children, thoughts and lifestyle, natural beauty, vegetarian food, healthy living, small businesses, product reviews and anything else that fascinates me! How often do you blog  ? I don’t have a set… Continue reading Meet the bloggers: Victoria Sully

Meet the bloggers: Nikki McCaig

Name of blog: What is your blog about? My blog is predominantly about beauty, fashion, lifestyle advice and craft guides! How often do you blog?  Well, as much as I try to do weekly, my schedule is a little scattered! Sometimes I can be inspired to write three posts a week, other times… Continue reading Meet the bloggers: Nikki McCaig

How did it all start?

It all started when my Grandma sent me a competition created by The Evening Chronicle. It was a young reviewer competition that people aged 16-25 years of age had to write two reviews, whether it is a TV programme, music, film or theatre and sends them into The Evening Chronicle. If your reviews were chosen… Continue reading How did it all start?