My Apologies

I think I owe this blog to not only myself but to you guys who read it, that is if there are any readers out there…

I originally started this blog to follow my journey into journalism and write about topics that interested me and would cause conversation between myself and other readers.

But as I said at the end of my first blog “I write for so many publications that I am rushed of my feet but bare with me, I do hope to keep this blog regularly updated.”

That is what exactly happened, I started to write for quite a lot of publications and then I started university and it all got on top of me. So I sadly let the blog curl up into a little ball and hide away, I always meant to get it back out again but it just never happened.

Still following my journey

So now that I have graduated, I don’t have an excuse to not use my blog the way it was supposed to be used.

Still following my journey in to journalism, I am going to try and blog every week or every other week- I am yet to decide. I will write about my experiences in job interviews, how my job into journalism is going, any placements I may undertake.

What I also plan to do is write about my opinions on theatre and the industry of theatre criticism, for many years I have read other bloggers and professional theatre critics rant on about the industry and I felt that I could not have my own opinion with little experience.

Well now, I have decided that it is my turn and I do want to create discussions about that world as it is something that  I want to be a part of.

Building my own brand

Now I am a graduate, I think it is important for me to have my own personal brand/identity in the media.

I have my own digital portfolio that you can check out here  and of course my blog, but I am in thoughts about building up a website where I can collate everything together in one hub and possibly post features and articles that I write etc.

As you can tell it is all still a little hazy but the thought bubble is there, it just needs a little planning.

It is all a part of my plan to build up a stronger brand for myself.


Give me a shout

For those of who you do read this, I would appreciate your comments and thoughts about the media, blogging, journalism and how I should build up my own brand.











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