CD Review: The Shires, My Universe

I know I usually don’t do reviews on my blog, in fact this may be the first time that I have written one on here.

Anyway I have only just recently came across these guys called The Shires, a country/pop/folk duo from Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire. And I rather like them they are bringing country music to the forefront and making it popular.

Not like you imagine band to form, it wasn’t an X factor style set up, Facebook was at the helm for the duo (Ben Earle and Crissie Rhodes)   becoming who they are today.

Yes Ben posted on Facebook asking for a female country singer to accompany him and his guitar. It was through a friend of a friend that Crissie was able to come into the picture; she met with Ben and found out that they sounded pretty good together.

And I have to agree that they do sound rather good, this is my first time listening to them so I don’t have a back catalogue of their previous work but I am loving the new album My Universe. I would even go as far to say, in fact I believe that I did say it on social media that is could be my favourite album of the year.

From the 12 songs that are on there, I am in love with three of them. The first one being My Universe, the entitled album it is so catchy- more poppy than the others it is such a feel good song and is a great introduction to their style and what they are all about and it defiantly got my attention.

Proving they can do soft and serious as well, their tracked Naked is simply beautiful. A bit strange to be calling a song beautiful I know, but that’s what it is.  It’s  about love, relationships and how a person feels completely comfortable in their skin and they don’t have to hide their flaws when they are with someone they love.

For more info on The Shires check them out here

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