Culture Trip 1: Centre for Life

Hazzar, I knew if I would blog about it then I would do it and here we are. I did something cultural in Newcastle, I visited the Centre for Life to be exact and I rather enjoyed myself thank you very much.


So if you read in my first blog for 2017 I said that I wanted to 2017 I said that I wanted to engage more in north east arts and culture. So on a gloomy day in January I decided to take myself to the Centre for Life Museum and go to the Lego Exhibition.


There is an entry free to go to the life centre- for me it was £10 which allowed me to go around all the activities and the other sections that they had in the museum. But more importantly and the reason why I went was for the Lego Exhibition.

I couldn’t take photos unfortunately, although there are images online to have a look at but I would advise that you go there to see for yourself.

The exhibition started with Brick History  which was a journey of some of our most iconic historical moment recreated in Lego bricks.

You’ve got to check out the Industrial Revolution and the invention of the telephone- both historic moments are of interest to me and it was really funny to see them in little lego bricks. You have to applaud the creators  who have the patience, skill and technique to be able to build such master pieces.

Can you imagine if they stood on a lego brick? Ouch that hurts.

From national history to North East history and the landmarks. The second part of the exhibition was focused on lego versions of the landmarks in the North East such as the Baltic and The Angel of the North.

Built by Steven Mayes, he is an architectural photographer and lego fan from North Shields. Check out his site to see what lego work he has created.

I am very passionate when it comes to North East culture and I love passing the Angel in the car and having a nice stroll along the Millennium Bridge , I just think you can’t get it like this anywhere else.  There are some beautiful places around where I am, so to see in all it’s glory in the form of lego is something to feel proud about.

The exhibition is running from 14th Jan-23rd April 2017.

For information click here 

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