Review: Sarah Darling @Sage Gateshead

It’s funny how music can make you feel all sorts of emotions. From a slightly less talented busker that makes you want to re-tune your ears because he can’t play the guitar and really can’t sing , to Sarah Darling who has a voice of an angel and treats the guitar so delicately that you never want to stop listening.

I last saw Sarah Darling perform with The Shires last year at the Sage Gateshead, so when I heard that she was doing her solo tour I wanted to hear more. Arriving in a little black lace dress with floral detail and her sequined guitar strap, she always looks so fabulous and angelic yet she has such a strong powerful voice on her.

Sarah was performing songs from her latest album Dream Country and she also sung some covers. Such as Please Please Please let me get what I want, it was beautiful cover version and it created an atmosphere within the room- the audience were silent.

What I enjoy about her, is that she likes to take us to places and landscapes and is all about inspiring us and keeping that light in our eyes. Her song, Diamond is all about having that weight of the world on our shoulders and it being lifted off. Like she sings Butterflies don’t get wings overnight, they sacrifice to one day they fly… and that really resonated with me.

I feel if I was a singer or someone sung about things I talk about on my blog or across my social media channels then Sarah Darling would be the song to sing about it or I would be her. As a lot of her songs, I felt resonated with me and were about my life.

Especially with her song, more issues than Vogue- Sarah (like me) is addicted to makeup, clothes, shoes and dresses and she sings about how is getting a little it too much and describes herself as having more issues than Vogue.

Sarah also announced that she hopes to have some new music out in October, giving us a bit of taster track- was the song Shimmer. Shimmer is all about stepping out the shadows and after hearing that, I am really excited to hear more from her future album.

There appeared to be a strong theme of shining and not being afraid to stand out- to be true to yourself and be passionate about what you want in life.

Sarah Darling never wants us to give up on our dreams.

Sarah Darling’s UK Tour ends on March 27th for more info click here

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