We are all having to stay at home at the moment to keep safe and save the NHS. It is a strange time at the moment but I have taken this as an opportunity to reflect.

To reflect on the past, stay in touch with the present and to think about the future.

Being stuck in the house with my family can sometimes test me and it is hard, so I like to go to my room or somewhere quiet to have a bit of me time. I have recently been thinking about what I have done so far with my life this year and at first glance I would say not much but that is aboloute rubbish.

My part time job has had quite a change.  I transferred to another location store within the same company, I  had full intention to move company and role but then I was promoted to a Supervisor. That was really exciting and challenging, with covid19 I have not been able to really get stuck into this role.

My media career has become a bit of standstill in terms of applying for jobs, what I have been doing is improve my skills. I have taught myself how to use Google Analytics and stats, so I can understand what you guys like to read and when you like to read.  I have been trying to vary up my posts to keep it fresh, so you guys don’t get bored.

What I have also learnt is that it is ok not to have a blog post written, there are days where I don’t feel like posting on social media or writing a blog and that is ok. And I don’t need to apologise for it.

Self care/mindfullness has been a core theme so far this year, I have been trying to look after my mental and physical health. I think I can get  distracted and focused on other things that I forget to pause and take stock of myself and to think about my emotions and check in with how I am doing. So I have been doing yoga, meditation and reading about mindfulness etc to look after myself.

I have not been to the theatre in ages and that is something I want to change, I have let my part time job become central and let it prevent me from reviewing theatre. This is something I want to change and I am going talk more about this in my future blog.  Theatre is part of my life and I need it more in my life, especially after covid19.

When I reflect upon my life so far in 2020, it is very part time job central and I am not happy about this. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my job and I understand how lucky I am to have a job but it is not my full time job and I don’t want to overtake my life which is what it has been doing.

There is so much more I want to say but I feel like this has to go into another post about thinking about the future. This time is uncertain, so it is nice to take advantage of it to allow some time to think about myself and what I have done so far and just reflect.










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